Carls approach to understanding client problems and delivering full solutions, driving a targeted and insightful approach to Direct Marketing strategy is second to none. He has a thorough understanding of data & technological solutions (through to delivery), which enable Carl to use the best solutions to improve ROI for clients and add value throughout.

Jeremy Fisher,

Commercial Director at Response One

WHENEVER I’m asked to kindly write a few words of recommendation as a testimonial for a person, it’s always difficult to craft together suitable words of praise without sounding a little over-sincere, false or simply too-sentimental.

However, in this case, the task was made a whole lot easier by the subject matter: Mr Stuart Black.

Stuart is one of life’s Caballeros, an excellent Spanish word for a peer, or gentleman, which aptly sums him up in a nutshell. He really is a charming man, with a wealth of experience and knowledge of his field of expertise, Direct Mail.

No matter what form of special mailing project is desired; when asked for something with a little pizazz, something unusual, interesting, eye-catching – or just a clever one-piece mailer that will actually work, and respond well in a way that no other mailing device has done, then look no further than Stuart Black.

Stuart will ask the right questions to gain the full background of the required concept; the wherefores and requirements of a particular DM project, and if he instantly cannot suggest several interesting projects that he knows have worked along similar requirements for the desired result, then he’ll certainly take away the brief and explore every possibility in full.

And in a matter of days, he’ll breathe life into a variety of options, often backed up with working models, or an array of designs and clever folding DM pieces that will open out to reveal more magical marketing options.  

I can’t offer a money-back guarantee by recommending Stuart, but I would confidently refer him to anyone looking for DM guidance, insight and honest advice to meet the requirement of most budgets and deadlines.

Ged Wall

Print Production Manager, Hotter Shoes.

I worked with Stuart throughout the nineties in my capacity as Customer Insight Manager for Marks & Spencer Plc and he was a regular visitor to Baker Street, so much so that he was considered to be an extension of our team.

His input in to the planning, production and execution of mailed campaigns for Marks & Spencer was meticulous on the one hand and very innovative on the other, introducing new mailing formats including embossed material and metallic inks as an example.

He was instrumental in the very high profile multi million-pound launch of mail order clothing for M&S and made sure that all stakeholder objectives were achieved in mail production including close liaison with a new home delivery partner for many hundreds of thousands of heavyweight brochures.

We always found Stuart to be an affable and likeable individual, diligent in his efforts and an asset to the business despite not being a direct employee; his contributions were cohesive and well thought through and I could not recommend him highly enough if you were considering working with him and with Absolute.

The fact that he was invited to Marks & Spencer Christmas parties was a testament to the very high regard in which he was held.

Tony Goode

Formerly Customer Insight Manager, Marks & Spencer Plc

I have had the pleasure of working with Carl for a number of years; he is one of the few people I know who truly understands multi-channel marketing. In particular, Carl has great experience of the execution side of multi-channel communications. Although built up originally from his experience in print, he has developed a great understanding of other channels such as email and mobile and understands the need to use data to drive insight and targeted interactions.

Carl also engenders trust from clients who realise he can add value to their customer communications. I hope to continue to work with Carl for many years as he is not only hugely knowledgeable but fun to be around.

Scott Logie,

Managing Director, Read Group Insight