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About Us

At Absolute Direct Marketing, we have over 80 years combined experience across the UK, Europe and US… and our passion is still going strong! Each and every campaign, from those worth hundreds all the way up to bespoke multi million pound projects are created in line with our brand values, and of course with an emphasis to improve your return on investment.


In our time, we’ve been involved in some of the most creative and cutting edge campaigns, responsible for management and production of in excess of a billion British mailed communications and that’s not always because our clients have the biggest budget. Largely, it’s because we love what we do, and are always searching for the next best thing. Absolute DM are current members of two Direct Marketing Association councils and are previous members of the Royal Mail SMP Board.


Some of our ‘claims to fame’ include:

  • Designing and implementing a multi-channel campaign which gained over a 500% response rate increase
  • Developing and delivering a fully digital daily trigger campaign, generating both electronic and physical mail dependent on the data characteristics
  • Achieving the ‘near’ impossible by successfully mailing a glass of red wine to every reader of BBC Good Food Magazine
  • Launching the first coupon based supermarket loyalty scheme with Gateway Foodmarkets
  • Removing the barriers between physical and electronic production within a business; developing and integrating the pre-press, e-mail, document composition and data processing
  • Countless cases of postal price reduction and optimisation; saving one client alone over £500,000


But our most important feat has to be the fact we’re still excited by good direct marketing, still enthusiastic and still going strong!


Our honest and open attitude alongside our expertise and efficiency ensure we create the best fit solution for any business! We’re passionate about direct marketing, and that drives us to create fantastic campaigns each and every time. Our consultative approach to campaign planning, production, execution and analysis provides you with peace of mind and support throughout your campaign duration. So sit back, relax and let us transform your results.

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